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 2018 ATD-GTC Board of Directors Position Openings

2018 Board Recruitment Positions

For the 2017 Board year, we are recruiting for the following:

  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Professional Development

  • Director of Finance

Position Summary

The Director of Finance reports on the operational finances of the chapter. The Director of Finance coordinates the budget and operational issues with other board members, as well as administrative services. The Director reviews financial reports monthly, and reports on the financial status of each functional area to the Board of Directors. The Director of Finance assures that chapter operations are in compliance with ATD's Chapter Operating Requirements (CORE).

Estimated Time Requirements per month:

  • Attending board meetings: 2 hours plus travel time
  • Attending monthly chapter meetings: 1.5 hours plus travel time
  • Review monthly financials prepared by Administrator and reports to board at monthly board meeting: 1-1.5 hours
  • Regional Conference: 1-2 days/year
  • Board Retreat: 1 day/year

• Create an annual operating budget
• Monthly financial report to Board of Directors
• Produce risk analysis, break even analysis, forecasts and other ad hoc financial information as needed

Primary Responsibilities
• Creates and monitors annual operating budget and makes it accessible to members
• Reports overall status of income and expenses to the board on a regular basis
• Reports on financial status of chapter each January at membership meeting and each month at board meetings
• Ensures compliance with CORE
• Ensures chapter is in compliance with state and federal reporting requirements
• Recruits and trains incoming Director of Finance


  • Demonstrated experience in budget design, fiscal responsibility and accounting practices
  • Good understanding of operations and finance
  • Ability to work with administrative services
  • Time available to fully participate in chapter and board meetings

  • Director of Professional Development

Position Summary

The Director of Professional Development co-leads a committee to plan and implement quality programs and other professional development opportunities to meet member needs. ATD-GTC professional development opportunities provide chapter members a gateway to acquire knowledge, practice skills, share experiences for learning, and become involved within the chapter, as well as the opportunity to interact with other training and development professionals. This is a strategic position, which oversees the work of teams and serves as a member of the ATD-GTC Board of Directors.

Estimated Time Requirements per month:

  • Attending board meetings: 2 hours plus travel time
  • Attending committee meetings: 1-2 hours plus travel time
  • Attending monthly chapter meetings: 2.25 hours plus travel time
  • Communicating with administrative office and other Directors about routine issues: 4 hours
  • Board Retreat: 1 day/year
  • Conference: 1-2 days/year
  • Annual professional development budget
  • Event location contracts
  • Program calendar
  • Speakers and promotional materials
  • Strategic plan for all events
  • Marketing materials
  • Membership survey for topic and speaker preferences
  • Program evaluations
  • Program Spectrum teaser and articles
  • Committee meeting notes
  • Project plan
Primary Responsibilities
  • Familiarity with interests and needs of ATD-GTC members
  • Foster positive relationships with sister organizations to schedule events
  • Coordinates and communicates timing of all events and coordinates a master e-calendar
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility for ATD-GTC finances
  • Manages Professional Development budget – program expenses, mailings, rewards and recognition, etc
  • Negotiates fees for speakers or initiates Pro Bono arrangements
  • Recruit and develop successor
  • Sets the strategy for all Professional Development activities and learning events
  • Conduct regular evaluation of pricing policies as compared to market offerings
  • Ensures appropriate level of program evaluation
  • Oversees implementation of all current year Professional Development events
  • Builds strong leaders through recruitment, coaching and mentoring leaders for each function as needed to support planned events
  • Coaching/partnership definition; prepare partner for lead role
  • Ensures communication of committee activities to the Board of Directors and Chapter members in a timely fashion
  • Leads committee chairs and is ultimately responsible for all committee deliverables
Requirements and qualifications
  • A member in good standing of the Chapter 
  • Advanced management, financial planning, communication, teambuilding, motivational, and problem-solving skills. Ability to delegate and hold individuals accountable
  • Previous experience in event or conference, planning and execution is desirable

  • Director of Marketing 

Position Summary

The Director of Marketing creates and implements a plan to expand the number of people who hear about the chapter’s offerings and benefits. The Director of Marketing assists the administrator with content developent for the monthly newsletter. The Director is responsible to link communication messages with the direction of the Board, and to recruit and motivate committee members, and to craft social media messages. The Director works with other board members to provide consistent communication about chapter offerings.


  • List benefits and participation opportunities to members and the marketplace
  • Income through ads, mailing list sales, and job postings to cover email and web page costs
  • Assist with monthly newsletter content development
  • Manage chapter communications platforms to ensure current and consistent messaging
  • Ensure close coordination with Marketing and Membership committees

Primary Responsibilities

  • Creates a project plan with timing and tasks for a communications campaign
  • Gathers, maintains, and analyzes potential member data to assure market penetration
  • Ensures quality and consistency of messaging
  • Determine how to leverage social media to increase participation and membership
  • Market additional revenue streams, webinars, lable sales, etc.
  • Manage and direct advertising functions for the Chapter. Work together with committees to ensure advertising consistency.
  • Support committees in developing event communication plans to reach audiences outside of the chapter (press releases, association partnerships, etc).
  • Recruit and develop successor

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Member in good standing of the Chapter 
  • Marketing knowledge

Time Commitment

  • Approximately 15 hours per month
  • Monthly Board Meetings
  • Regional Conference
  • Board Retreat (1 day/year)
  • Monthly chapter meetings

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