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  • 12 Steps to Building a Successful Talent Development Business, Internally or Externally

12 Steps to Building a Successful Talent Development Business, Internally or Externally

  • 16 February 2018
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Radisson Hotel Roseville



                             12 Steps to Building a Successful                                Talent & Development Business

Friday, February 16 ~ 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Radisson Hotel Roseville ~ 2540 North Cleveland Ave., Roseville, MN

This presentation will be based on the presenter’s ATD March 2017 published book, The Complete Guide to Building and Growing a Talent Development Firm. Dr. Cohen will first give a high-level overview of all 12 steps needed to establish a sustainably profitable TD business, but then only focus on the 4 or 5 in which the audience is most interested. The 12 steps fall into three overall pillars: first Getting Grounded (1. Understand the Industry Dynamics, 2. Figure Out What You Want and Need, 3. Define Your Purpose, 4. Create a Business Plan and Structure, 5. Put Together a Strategic Plan, 6. Develop Your Offer); then Creating Momentum (7. Establish Your Operating System, 8. Market and Sell Your Offer, 9. Serve Your Customers); and finally Looking Ahead (10. Recognize Future Trends, 11. Establish Your Growth Plan, 12. Exit the Business).

At the end of the session, attendees will not only be able to list the 12 steps, but also have gained insight into how to:

  • Determine the business they want
  • Set up their business for success
  • Create a compelling offer
  • Operate their business effectively
  • Grow their business profitably
  • Move forward with their next steps

As requested, the application of these steps to running an effective internal corporate development department will also be discussed. Ample time will be provided for questions and interactive dialogue. Attendees should think ahead of the session which steps they would most like to spend the most time discussing.

Presenter Steve Cohen is the Founder of Strategic Leadership Collaborative.

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